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Tutorials.PaintingInWatercolor.com offers online courses in watercolor painting for beginner to advanced level. Our Watercolor Mini-Course is an introduction to the basic techniques for the absolute beginner. It lays the foundation for advancing to our other course offerings: Watercolor Course #1 and Watercolor Course #2.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my website’s About Us page. My name is Vanissa James. I am a self-taught watercolor artist, teacher, and owner of the PaintingInWatercolor.com websites. I share my knowledge and experience teaching online courses in watercolor techniques from beginner to advanced.

My courses contain step-by-step video lessons that you can follow along with me at your own pace. I look forward to helping you learn the art of watercolor and seeing your progress on the inside.

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Vanissa James

Founder, PaintingInWatercolor.com Websites

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Learn at your own speed. Video lessons and demos teaching watercolor techniques and skills.

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Recorded videos, downloadable resource materials and checklists.

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Affordably priced courses, one-time payment, lifetime access.

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SSL encrypted website, secure credit card transactions, protected personal data transfer and logins.

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